‘Grow and Then Get More Efficient’

Published by Inside Higher Ed

A&S Principal David Strauss explains, “each institution must preserve the ‘core of your reason for being.’ Other expenditures -- even those that employees have come to expect and rely upon -- aren’t necessarily worth keeping if they don’t accomplish this.”

Public Flagships Are Offering More Middle-Income Scholarships. What Gives?

Published by The Chronicle of Higher Education

With regard to the recent increase, A&S Principal David Strauss says, “middle-income scholarships are seen as a public service…but it can also be the case that the practical effect is to aid a family that’s still able to pay for some of the freight.”

Privates Matching Public Prices

Published by Inside Higher Ed

Tuition-matching programs can grab attention in a market, but they can’t be the only way a private university is selling itself to students. A&S Principals Rick Hesel and Craig Goebel discuss the pros and cons of such pricing strategies.

Measuring Clicks, Emotions, and Brain Waves: Student Recruitment Keeps Evolving

Published by The Chronicle of Higher Education

Colleges and universities should go beyond fleeting marketing tactics and implement initiatives that actually change students' behaviors to apply and enroll, not just campaigns that tug at emotional appeals.