‘Grow and Then Get More Efficient’

Published by Inside Higher Ed

A&S Principal David Strauss explains, “each institution must preserve the ‘core of your reason for being.’ Other expenditures -- even those that employees have come to expect and rely upon -- aren’t necessarily worth keeping if they don’t accomplish this.”

Public Flagships Are Offering More Middle-Income Scholarships. What Gives?

Published by The Chronicle of Higher Education

With regard to the recent increase, A&S Principal David Strauss says, “middle-income scholarships are seen as a public service…but it can also be the case that the practical effect is to aid a family that’s still able to pay for some of the freight.”

Privates Matching Public Prices

Published by Inside Higher Ed

Tuition-matching programs can grab attention in a market, but they can’t be the only way a private university is selling itself to students. A&S Principals Rick Hesel and Craig Goebel discuss the pros and cons of such pricing strategies.