Sacred Heart Amps Up Its Future with GE Property Buy

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Published by CT Post

Sacred Heart, which bought the GE property Monday for $31.5 million, has been evolving ever since Henderson stepped foot on campus, the accounting major pointed out. The second floor balcony of the Martire Business & Communications Center where he worked was a mere construction site when he arrived on campus as a freshman.

Now a junior, Henderson deemed Sacred Heart smart to seize an opportunity that will help its footprint and reputation grow.

J. Craig Goebel, a higher education consultant from Baltimore whose firm works to help colleges develop strategic initiatives, thinks Henderson may be right.

“For a lot of institutions, in an age of decreased revenues and challenging demographics, growth is one of the best strategies to fulfill its mission,” said Goebel, a principal at Art & Science, a group that works with colleges across the country.

To stay ahead of the game, Goebel said colleges have to stay attractive, cutting edge and be what students are looking for.

“Sacred Heart has been growing their enrollment over the years, so it could very well make sense for them,” Goebel said.

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