Independent Schools

Increasingly, independent school leaders understand they need sound market information and perspective to remain competitive and financially sound. They recognize that, far from a luxury, market intelligence is imperative to strengthen their school's position, meet enrollment objectives, improve fundraising efforts, and implement effective financial aid programs. Now, as independent schools face even greater market challenges, strategic planning that draws on reliable market intelligence is even more critical.

Art & Science has worked with a wide range of independent day and boarding schools across the country, applying to schools' particular strategic and marketing challenges the innovative research methods and expertise gained through our two decades of work for colleges, universities, and professional schools.

Our work for independent schools includes:

  • Robust market research with prospective families and in-depth interviews with counselors, feeder school heads, employers, and others who influence school choice.
  • Collaboration with school leaders to gain board and community input and buy-in crucial to major strategic decisions.
  • Advice about the development of distinctive academic and co-curricular programs that set schools apart from their competitors and meet the needs of prospective families.
  • Analysis of geo-demographic and other market data to identify strong existing and potential new markets of promise.
  • Communications, admissions, and development operations assessments.
Ben Edwards

Benjamin G. Edwards

Principal and Managing Partner
phone: 410 377-7880 x41

Emily Oliver

Emily Oliver

Managing Associate
phone: 410 377-7880 x42

NAIS Chapter: Making The Case for Value by Ben Edwards, published in the NAIS Handbook on Marketing Independent Schools, Kathy Hanson, Editor.

Challenges Schools Have Asked Us to Address:

  • What should we do to maintain our leadership position in our market?
  • How can we compete more effectively with the leading school in our market?
  • What is the right size for our school—should we add grade levels and grow enrollment, or remain our current configuration and size?
  • What part of our market for students has the greatest potential for growth?
  • How can we sustain annual giving in this economic downturn?
  • What should our core positioning message be?
  • Operationally, what changes do we need to make in admissions and communications?
  • How can we rally board and parent support for the real change we need to make?
  • How can we build support for our first-ever comprehensive fundraising campaign?