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    A&S gave us sound advice on a range of positioning challenges, involving our key external constituencies. They were a solid partner, effectively working with us and presenting to our board.

    Evan Caminker, Dean, University of Michigan Law School

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    A&S's research and recommendations helped our school community coalesce around strategic initiatives that became top-drawer admissions and fundraising initiatives.

    Mary Moss, Former Assoc. Head, Institutional Development, Saint. Mary's School

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    I don’t think I would have been able to drive change without the solid market research A&S provided. A&S really helped us hone in on the major issue we had to address as an institution.

    Robert Wyatt, President, Coker College

Art & Science Group is the preeminent consulting firm providing market-informed strategy to higher education, independent schools, and the non-profit sector. Our work guides and advances clients’ strategic interests and critical investments.

The A&S Approach

How we address our clients’ challenges in four critical areas

  • studentPOLL: Perceptions on Price, Aid, and Debt Provide an Extraordinary Opportunity for Colleges and Universities

    This 20th anniversary issue of studentPOLL - our first in a new collaboration with ACT - examines the perceptions of higher education costs among college-bound students from surveys conducted this past February. The findings reveal that respondents are concerned about rising college costs, but lack information at this point in the process. This presents an opportunity for some institutions to be more transparent about affordability earlier in the application stage.

  • Putting the Substance (and Enjoyment) Back in Strategic Planning

    “I hate strategic planning.”

    “Every school strategic plan looks the same.”

    “Ugh. . . it’s time to launch our five-year strategic planning process next year and I’m dreading it.”

    We hear some variation on this theme all the time. Why do so many school leaders dread strategic planning? Perhaps because the process can be all consuming with minimal substance? Or is it because, in their quest for best practices and benchmarking, schools have become susceptible to a cookie-cutter and uninspired approach?

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