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    A&S gave us sound advice on a broad range of positioning challenges, involving our key external constituencies. They were a solid partner, effectively working with us and presenting to our board.

    Evan Caminker, Dean, University of Michigan Law School

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    The people who work for Art & Science are incredibly bright. They came in with a fresh perspective and helped us identify the initiatives and factors that would prompt students to actually apply and enroll at Richmond.

    Nanci Tessier, VP Enrollment Management, University of Richmond

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    A&S's research and recommendations helped our school community coalesce around strategic initiatives that became top-drawer admissions and fundraising initiatives.

    Mary Moss, Former Assoc. Head, Institutional Development, Saint. Mary's School

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    I don’t think I would have been able to drive change without the solid market research A&S provided. A&S really helped us hone in on the major issue we had to address as an institution.

    Robert Wyatt, President, Coker College

Art & Science Group is the preeminent consulting firm providing market-informed strategy to higher education, independent schools, and the non-profit sector. Our work guides and advances clients’ strategic interests and critical investments.

The A&S Approach

How we address our clients’ challenges in four critical areas

  • Forging School Strategies

    We are pleased to launch our blog for independent school leaders focused on matters that affect a school's value proposition. Check out the latest post.

  • 2014 SAIS Annual Conference

    A&S to present two educational sessions at the Southern Association of Independent Schools (SAIS) 2014 Annual Conference.

  • TABS Annual Conference 2014

    A&S to present educational session at The Association of Boarding Schools (TABS) Annual Conference—Making Value the Driver of Strategy and Marketing: A Case Study

  • Another Look at Reducing Tuition

    Would colleges and universities be better off cutting or freezing tuition? Given the vigorous debate over higher education costs, one would think it would be a no brainer. Look no further than the controversy that occurs whenever somebody suggests that student debt and and/or college costs aren’t so bad. Two recent articles from the New York Times’ David Leonhardt illustrate this controversy: In one piece, Leonhardt argued that the government exaggerates the cost of college, and that net prices on a whole do not indicate that college is unaffordable. In Lenoardt’s second article, he used Amherst college as an example of how institutions use tuition discounting to help lower-income families overcome exorbitant sticker prices.

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  • Influence of US News and Other College Rankings

    Among the major findings from the latest issue of studentPOLLfocused on the influence of the national rankings on college choicetwo-thirds of students surveyed reported that US News and other college rankings influenced their college application decisions.

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