Our People

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    Benjamin G. Edwards


    email: Edwards@artsci.com
    phone: 410-377-7880 x 241


    Mentored in the Duke administration and having since consulted to universities and schools for nearly 25 years, Ben Edwards handles an especially diverse portfolio of Art & Science’s assignments. He has deep experience with institutional branding and positioning; strategic planning; tuition pricing and financial aid studies; fundraising; alumni research; and leadership studies.

    Ben’s clients regularly include research universities; undergraduate colleges; independent day and boarding schools; law and business schools; and nonprofit organizations ranging from arts institutions to conservation organizations to foundations.

    Ben’s knowledge of independent schools has made him a sought-after expert in that field. He authored a chapter in the National Association of Independent Schools’ (NAIS) Handbook on Marketing Independent Schools, and has frequently presented or led workshops for NAIS, The Association of Boarding Schools, and regional school associations.

    Ben also serves as managing partner of the firm and as such is responsible for planning and coordinating the measured growth strategy Art & Science Group is pursuing.


    BA History, University of Virginia
    MA Geography, University of California, Los Angeles and AM History, Harvard University
    PhD History of American Civilization, Harvard University

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    J. Craig Goebel


    email: Goebel@artsci.com
    phone: 410-377-7880 x 16


    Craig Goebel’s consulting experience covers a wide range of assignments: major pricing and positioning studies; comparative admissions and financial aid assessments; financial aid modeling projects; as well as recruitment marketing and communications work.

    Over the last 15 years, he has consulted for private and public research universities, liberal arts colleges, law, graduate and professional schools, and international and specialty schools.

    At the same time, Craig has played a pivotal role in the expansion of the scope and quality of firm’s research capabilities. He managed all of the firm’s early research in pricing and has continued to advance the strategic value of pricing studies as a roadmap for critical pricing, positioning, and financial aid decisions.

    In addition to his consulting responsibilities, Craig oversees the firm’s in-house and fieldhouse research operations. He has been instrumental in refining the firm’s research methods and practices, particularly in the use of predictive modeling and its application in pricing, branding, financial aid, recruitment, and alumni studies. Craig also oversees all of the firm’s financial aid modeling assignments, working with a broad range of institutions. His expertise on the application of predictive research methods to drive decision-making on pricing and financial aid has made him a regular presenter at national higher education conferences around the country.


    BS Molecular Biology, University of Wisconsin – Madison


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    Richard A. Hesel


    email: Hesel@artsci.com
    phone: 410-377-7880 x 12


    Rick Hesel has worked in higher education for nearly all of his professional life. He began his career as part of a new program launched by President William G. Bowen to professionally train administrators at Princeton University where he worked in admissions, financial aid, development, and public affairs. He became a consultant to higher education in 1976.

    Rick’s experience covers a broad array of institutional concerns: strategic planning; student recruitment and financial aid; capital campaigns, annual giving, and planned giving; curriculum development; student life; media, corporate and government relations; physical plant planning; alumni and parent relations; and communications. He supervised the first large-scale uses of survey research and pioneered the development of a predictive model that ties tuition and aid setting to student choice.

    In the international arena, Rick has served the University of London, Open University of the United Kingdom, and under the auspices of the U.S. Department of State’s Fulbright Commission conducted workshops on marketing for presidents and other leaders of universities in the Czech Republic. He is leading initiatives to establish U.S. university campuses, research centers, and technology incubators in the People’s Republic of China. He also serves on the Council of Senior Advisers of the International Association of University Presidents (IAUP).

    Rick conducts seminars on branding and pricing for the American Council on Education’s Fellows Program, which prepares promising faculty for senior leadership positions, and is a frequent guest speaker at higher education national conferences. Publisher of studentPOLL, Rick led the creation of the national survey of student opinions on the college search process.


    AB Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs, Princeton University


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    David W. Strauss


    email: Strauss@artsci.com
    phone: 410-377-7880 x 15


    David Strauss’s considerable expertise is focused on providing market-informed strategy to help guide the decisions of mission-driven organizations. Today, he is regarded as a leading authority in the advancement of rigorous empirical research in higher education to guide the strategic decisions and investments of institutions.

    Since he began his consulting career in 1985, David has pioneered the development of econometric modeling techniques to help colleges and universities optimize their use of financial aid. In the mid-1990s, he led the development of predictive survey-research based techniques for analyzing and identifying the tuition pricing level, and brand and strategic initiatives most likely to advance an institution’s enrollment, fundraising, and broader institutional goals.

    David has consulted for a broad range of private and public colleges and universities, graduate and professional schools, and non-profit organizations nationwide. One of the most respected authorities on tuition pricing and the market inputs necessary for institutions to set tuition and maximize their net tuition revenue position, David is a frequent guest speaker on this topic at educational conferences such as the The College Board National Forum, the National Association of College and University Business Officers, and the American Council of Education’s annual meeting.


    BS political science, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
    BS mechanical engineering, MIT
    MBA/management and marketing, Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania