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In her role as Research Assistant, Lara Fields plays a key role in conducting, analyzing and synthesizing qualitative research in support of strategic positioning and program development projects for diverse independent school, higher education, and non-profit clients.

Before Art & Science Group, Lara worked at the University of Pennsylvania where she supported the operations and program management of the Department of Anthropology, sparking her interest in higher education. She was previously a Research Assistant with the Penn Museum in Philadelphia and conducted research on the efficacy of curatorial strategies utilized within the museum’s galleries.

Lara graduated from Bryn Mawr College where she double majored in anthropology and archaeology. Her studies introduced her to the power of qualitative research to understand the contexts that drive people’s thoughts and actions. In her senior year, Lara undertook independent ethnographic fieldwork at the site of Valley Forge National Historic Park in Pennsylvania, where she investigated the ways in which political, environmental, and economic discourse impacted how visitors engaged with and made meaning from material history.   


  • B.A. Anthropology & Near Eastern Archaeology, Bryn Mawr College