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Hussein Ireri is an integral member of the research team working on a broad range of project-related tasks and responsibilities. While he contributes his experience in all aspects of the firm’s research projects, he plays a collaborative role in areas of sampling, survey testing, data analysis and interpretation, and developing research presentations and deliverables. Hussein has worked on research studies spanning a wide range of institutions including liberal arts colleges, public universities, graduate schools, nonprofits and independent schools in areas of strategic positioning and pricing, enrollment management and branding.

Before joining Art & Science Group, Hussein worked on a variety of quantitative research projects with faculty members at Williams College’s Department of Psychology, while obtaining his undergraduate degree. He conducted statistical tests on data collected and was also responsible for preparing research manuscripts and presentations for his projects. His experience culminated his senior year with a project on how the framing of an eyewitness identification task can reduce misidentifications in police lineups, which was published in the Undergraduate Journal of Psychology at Berkley. Hussein was also afforded the opportunity to present faculty research he assisted with at the New England Psychology Association conference.

Hussein has also worked as a summer intern for the Equity Group Foundation in Nairobi, Kenya, where he helped talented high school graduates from Kenya obtain scholarships to Ivy League and top U.S. liberal arts colleges. As a Kenyan who has lived and worked in the United States and in Turkey, Hussein brings a unique global perspective to Art & Science Group.


  • B.A. Psychology, Williams College