Archived Issues

A Majority of Students Rule Out
Colleges Based on Sticker Price

September 14, 2012
Volume 9, Issue 1

Many College-Bound Students Report Difficulty Affording a College Education
November 2, 2010
Volume 8, Issue 2

Students and Parents Making Judgments about College Costs without Complete Information
May 26, 2010
Volume 8, Issue 1

The Effects of the Current Recession
April 21, 2009
Volume 7, Issue 3

Social Networking Sites
January 23, 2009
Volume 7, Issue 2

College Search Plans and the Economy
October 3, 2008
Volume 7, Issue 1

Research Dispels Millennial Theories
May 21, 2008
Volume 6, Issue 2

College-Bound Students' Interests in Study Abroad and Other International Learning Activities
January 2008
Special Edition

High School Students Want Parents to be More Involved in College Planning
March 7, 2007
Volume 6, Issue 1

Cooperative Education Comes of Age
April 8, 2004
Volume 5, Issue 6

Campus Visit Drives College Choice
January 29, 2004
Volume 5, Issue 5

Technology Update: No Digital Divide
April 17, 2003
Volume 5, Issue 4

Technology Update: The Use of Technologies in College Choice
January 29, 2003
Volume 5, Issue 3

The Impact of 9-11 and the Economy on College Choice and Study Abroad
November 25, 2002
Volume 5, Number 2

Rankings Matter Relatively Little in College Choice
October 16, 2002
Volume 5, Number 1

Volume 4 2000-2001
Number 1 Internet now pervasive and powerful element in college choice; promises to become decisive factor in near future
Number 2 Students report high satisfaction with the quality of college counseling in high schools
Number 3 College-bound students' strong interest in international education contrasts with actual college experience
Number 4 Intercollegiate athletics have little influence on college choice -- intramural and recreational opportunities matter more
Volume 3 1998-1999
Number 1 Use of the Web and College Web sites continues its meteoric rise...
Number 2 Winner-take-all culture permeates attitudes about college admission
Number 3 A high majority of college bound high school seniors with above-average academic abilitity plan to work their way through college
Number 4 Fraternities and sororities not a factor in college choice
Volume 2 1997-1998
Number 1 Annual update on use of information technologies in college application process
Number 2 Student and parent attitudes about campus safety
Number 3 Importance of race, ethnicity, and other forms of diversity in college choice
Number 4 Influence of US News rankings on parents
Volume 1 1995-1996
Number 1 Rankings have little impact on college decision
Number 2 Computer based technology
Number 3 Impact of various communication methods and tools on college selection
Number 4 Parent attitudes about the cost of college
Number 5 Parent attitudes about financial aid and paying for college