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    A&S gave us sound advice on a range of positioning challenges, involving our key external constituencies. They were a solid partner, effectively working with us and presenting to our board.

    Evan Caminker, Dean, University of Michigan Law School

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    A&S's research and recommendations helped our school community coalesce around strategic initiatives that became top-drawer admissions and fundraising initiatives.

    Mary Moss, Former Assoc. Head, Institutional Development, Saint. Mary's School

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    I don’t think I would have been able to drive change without the solid market research A&S provided. A&S really helped us hone in on the major issue we had to address as an institution.

    Robert Wyatt, President, Coker College

Art & Science Group is the preeminent consulting firm providing market-informed strategy to higher education, independent schools, and the non-profit sector. Our work guides and advances clients’ strategic interests and critical investments.

The A&S Approach

How we address our clients’ challenges in four critical areas

  • Real World Experience and the Liberal Arts

    Furman University, a former Art & Science Group client, is making great strides in finding their unique place in the market as a liberal arts college by developing programs that truly benefit both students and faculty. A&S Principal Ben Edwards says, “The key factor at play here is one of perceived value. You have an institution that’s charging more than competitors, which have honors programs to try and attract top students. You can’t offer SEC football, and you’re a smaller city. You have to prove your value in a way that the market could understand.”