Price Studies & Planning

Pricing has become one of the most critical and challenging strategic decisions facing public and private institutions. While pricing decisions often put millions of dollars at stake, they are almost always made without reliable evidence about their market consequences.

Our approach to setting and marketing price sets us apart. On the basis of proprietary research methods, we:

  • Create highly reliable predictive models of the specific enrollment and net tuition revenue consequences of sticker price and financial aid options. Our models have proven to be uncannily accurate in predicting the results of client pricing decisions.
  • Determine the impact price increases have on particular groups such as high-ability students, low-income families, and under-represented minorities.
  • Provide a sound basis for short and long-term price planning that serves institutional financial and enrollment objectives, and determine the kinds of academic, co-curricular, or other enhancements that might ameliorate negative price effects.
  • Provide an empirical foundation for making price decisions on an objective, reliable, and politically-defensible basis. We also guide how price changes are communicated to legislators, prospective students, parents, and the general public.
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70: The average percentage of a client’s admitted applicant pool who overestimate the cost of attendance even when they include their financial aid award.