Integrated Marketing & Communications

An institution’s marketing and communications activities should work together to achieve well-defined strategic goals. This assumption has always been the basis of our work and informs our approach to every assignment.

Our approach to integrated marketing includes several major steps. We:

  • Work with our clients to define the strategic communications objectives that an integrated plan should achieve. We set out the over-arching themes and content that could be the basis for an integrated plan.
  • Test these themes and messages, as well as the appeal and effectiveness of delivery tools and media, with key market constituents. The goal is to determine what will be most effective in engaging the target audiences.
  • Evaluate the talents, capabilities, and resources of the institutional organization and staff to determine the critical changes and improvements needed to implement an integrated plan.
  • Create a comprehensive integrated marketing and communications plan based on these steps, then conduct implementation workshops with leadership and staff to refine the plan and determine how it can best be implemented.

3: The total number of firm principals — and the number who lead and are intimately involved in client projects.