Branding & Positioning

Branding is a popular but often misunderstood concept in higher education. A brand is not a logo or graphic identity, and especially not a tagline; it is the market’s expectation of an experience distinctive to an institution. Reducing a brand to a tagline or an empty promise invariably makes it a cliché. When it becomes a cliché, a brand promise has little chance of accomplishing the crucial institutional goals.

We take a different approach to branding and market positioning. We:

  • Delve into an institution's history, culture, and mission to discover and define the distinctive elements of the experience that can be the basis for a compelling brand or market position.
  • Rigorously test those ideas with key constituents to determine which elements will have the most powerful impact on their decisions and define a more competitive market position. We can even model and predict the impact a brand or market position will have on enrollment and net tuition revenue.
  • Create a brand of substance, distinction, and meaning - based on this rigorous market analysis - that becomes the foundation for how an institution defines itself.
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40+: The number of pricing and/or branding projects Art & Science has completed using its proprietary research methods that predict the combined effects that different tuition levels, financial aid awards, and brand positions would have on enrollment and net tuition revenue.