Advancement Marketing & Communications

Major campaigns, annual funds, and alumni relations activities are not merely about fundraising. Each campaign, every year’s annual fund, and each major alumni event is an opportunity to win the hearts and minds of the people on whom the future of the institution depends.

The typical feasibility study or alumni survey is seriously flawed: They measure the status quo rather than the world of possibility. They are a formula for doing more of the same better, rather than pursuing more imaginative and creative initiatives and communications. Our approach to advancement marketing and communications explores and defines the possibilities. We:

  • Work with our clients to define and test new ways of motivating and engaging donors, alumni, and friends.
  • Test the themes, messages, activities, and means of communication that will most effectively reach and engage them.
  • Develop a comprehensive plan to realize the potential and possibilities identified, with recommendations covering positioning and branding of campaigns and annual fund appeals, communications strategies and tools, and other innovative solutions.

50: The number of capital campaign and annual fund projects Art & Science principals and consultants have conducted over the last decade.