Center for Student Opinion Research


The Center for Student Opinion Research is the research arm of Art & Science Group. The Center’s fielding operations are conducted by WBA Research , a full-service research firm headquartered in Crofton, Maryland, and managed by Art & Science Group’s research team. Together, we design and field opinion research studies with prospective and current independent, undergraduate, graduate, and professional school students as well as students’ parents, school administrators, and community leaders on behalf of educational institutions nationwide.

For more than two decades, the Center for Student Opinion Research has fielded hundreds of studies on behalf of educational institutions so that they can better understand the attitudes and behaviors of student, school, and community stakeholders; with the goal of strengthening academic programs, communications, and other resources and services.

Contacted for a Survey?

We, the researchers at the Center for Student Opinion Research, believe the best way to figure out what people want is to ask them. If you choose to participate in one of our research studies, we will ask about your thoughts, opinions, and preferences. We will never try to sell you something or ask for sensitive information like your bank account or social security number. Remember, survey participation is voluntary, so if you’re ever asked a question you’re not comfortable responding to or not able to answer, just say so. And if you do not wish to participate in the research, tell us and we will honor your request.

Do Not Call Registry

We are market researchers, not telemarketers. The Do Not Call Registry applies to telemarketing companies. Congress recognized that it is important for the entire public to be able to express their opinions and installed an exemption to the Do Not Call Registry for research purposes. This means we might call you even if you have registered with the Do Not Call Registry. However, if you tell us you do not wish to participate in the research, we will not call you again.

Ethics & Privacy Policy

The Center for Student Opinion Research adheres strictly to the code of professional ethics of the American Association for Public Opinion Research (AAPOR). All data and information gathered from interviews with individual respondents is kept strictly confidential and only reported in the aggregate, combined with the responses from other respondents, so that each individual participant’s responses remain anonymous.

Contact information for participants is only used for research purposes and will not be sold, rented, or given to any third-party organizations. Participants will not be contacted for any reason outside of the scope of the market research project and we will only retain the contact information through the completion of the project. We treat all respondent contact information as highly sensitive and confidential data secured behind multiple levels of protection.

If you have any questions or concerns, please email them to .

Client Projects:

  • University of Chicago

    How do we elevate our competitive position vis-à-vis other highly selective universities?

    What distinctions should we emphasize in our communications to prospective students and families?

    University of Chicago
  • Wake Forest University

    Can we grow undergraduate enrollment without compromising the quality of students’ academic and personal experience?

    What changes in price and aid will strengthen our net revenue position?

  • Earlham College

    What substantive strategic priorities have the potential to strengthen our appeal to prospective students and our competitive position?

    What potential do different strategic priorities have to increase our price and aid flexibility and net revenue position?

  • Milton Hershey School

    How can we redirect our recruiting efforts to better serve rural populations?

    How do we address hesitance from parents to send their children to boarding schools?